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Rufford Primary Improve Attendance

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Aquinas Foundation have been working along side Rufford Primary school on their Attendance project. As we are supported by Stratstone we were able to provide the school with a Land Rover Bike for them to place in the school’s main hall as an incentive for the children to attend school every day and to be on time. This has had a significant affect on the children and has seen attendance scores rise within the school. We are very happy that by providing the bike we are giving a lot of children a chance to strive to improve their attendance scores by giving them a goal to keep them focused throughout the term.







Rosie McLaughlin(Events Coordinator Aquinas) Oliver Barnes(Bike winner)



“I would like thank you for supplying the prize of a lovely bike to help us promote good attendance in school. Seeing the bike hanging in the hall really helped to motivate the children, it certainly helped to improve attendance and consequently children’s achievement at school. Once again, many thanks Aquinas!”  (Alison Tones, Rufford Primary School, Headteacher)






Attendance Turnaround at Rossyln Primary

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Aquinas Foundation have partnered with Rosslyn Park Primary School for a number of years, each year we have strived to expand our support for the school.  Aquinas Foundation have been one of the schools major support systems and we are absolutely delighted that they have made such a substantial turnaround proving to be one of the best schools for attendance in the area. We provided the school with a brand new Land Rover Mountain Bike which was put on display at the school. This was a way of encouraging the children to attend every day and be on time. Giving the children a clear focus on the prize to be won at the end of term.




Ryan Miller(Senior Consultant Aquinas) Gemma Pearce(Attendance Officer Rosslyn)






“In the space of 3 years we have gone from one of the worst attended schools in Nottingham to the best in our area. This couldn’t have been done without the help of our community and partner agencies like Aquinas. The bike Aquinas provided for an attendance award was met with glee from our children. It was placed on display at the front of our school hall which gave the children an exciting visual target to focus their efforts on. Whispers could often be heard of ‘I’ve come every day so I’m going to win that’ and ‘I wish I hadn’t had a day off so it could be mine’. We are going from strength to strength and with Aquinas’s generosity of again providing a bike for a prize this year I’m sure we can achieve even more children attending everyday.” Gemma Pearce




Ryan Miller(Senior Consultant Aquinas) Liam Biedz(Bike winner) Rosie McLaughlin(Aquinas Foundation events coordinator)




“I felt delighted when I heard my name read out and I have been having a great time riding the bike at the weekends and after school. It made me come to school more and make sure that I was on time.” Liam Biedz

“AN Aspley primary school has gone from the worst attended school in Notts to one of the best in just three years. Rosslyn Park Primary School in Amesbury Circus held an end of year  celebration assembly attended by Lord Mayor Councillor Merlita Bryan, who presented a special award.  Rosslyn Park Primary School in Amesbury Circus held an end of year  celebration assembly attended by Lord Mayor Councillor Merlita Bryan, who presented a special award.

 ​Attendance award:  Melinda Edwards with  Lord Mayor Coun Merlita Bryan.
Attendance award:  Melinda Edwards with  Lord Mayor Coun Merlita Bryan.
 Fifty-five pupils achieved 100 per cent attendance in 2013, compared to just seven achieving that in 2010.” Nottingham Evening Post

This is something that we are very proud to be a part of. The projects that Aquinas are helping with are making a massive difference within the school regarding the students and their attitude towards attendance and punctuality and subsequently this has had a huge impact on the schools impressive improvement.



HD Kindle Keeps Pupils Reading

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Aquinas Foundation have recently provided a brand new HD Kindle to Alvaston Junior School in Derby. The school were planning to use the kindle to help with lessons making them more interactive and engaging for the children. Using new technology can help with keeping the pupils interested on any classroom tasks given,  New stimulus means that the children are more willing to try hard and stay focused in order to have their turn using the kindle .











Fran Hurley(Office Manager), Jade Heath(Recruitment Consultant Aquinas)

“Alvaston Junior School were presented with a HD Kindle . It has had a fantastic response from children in the school who are all eager to use the kindle. It has helped those pupils who are currently under achieving and narrowed the FSM gap. There is never a day when the kindle is not being used either in the classroom or during our lunchtime clubs, Thankyou Aquinas” Fran Hurley

Aquinas are thrilled that it is being put to such good use and we will be following the progress of the students at Alvaston Junior School.





Hadden Park Use Raffle To Tackle Attendance

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Attendance seems to be a big problem in all schools, whether it is down to lateness, illness or other family related problems. This is a something that needs tackling across the city as a whole . The Aquinas Foundation have been very busy providing schools across Nottinghamshire with Mountain bikes in order to raise attainment and lower truancy.  Aquinas want to encourage every pupil to aim for 100% attendance, we want to help the schools to reward the children who fit into this criteria and also the children who have a 50% or more improved attendance and punctuality record over the year.








(James Turner Aquinas Branch Manager, Julien Ennis(Academic Mentor)


Hadden Park High School in Bilborough is grateful to the Aquinas Foundation for the donation of two Land Rover Mountain bikes to be used as prizes for attendance. Every pupil will receive a raffle ticket for a full weeks attendance until the end of the summer term at which point the raffle will be drawn. The central message is that you have to be in school to maximise your chances of winning in the same way that coming to school everyday maximises your chances in GCSE’s and preparation for college.”Julien Ennis








(Top of the range Land Rover Mountain Bikes)

Hadden Park high school were thrilled with the reaction from the students proving this project to be a huge success…


Aquinas Foundation Visit Nottingham Girls Academy

Monday, September 9th, 2013

The Aquinas Foundation have paid a special visit to the Nottingham Girls Academy today to donate a brand new Land Rover Mountain Bike to encourage attendance and punctuality within the school. As we are sponsored by Stratstone it was a great opportunity for us to provide something to keep the students on target and give them a clear goal to focus on.


James Turner(Branch Manager Aquinas), Mr Holyk(Principle), Wendy Chapman(attendance officer), Karen Ashurst(senior cover coordinator)

This bike is going to be used as an attendance reward.  All students receiving 99-100% attendance and punctuality from now until Christmas will be entered into the prize draw.

Wendy Chapman the schools attendance officer was very pleased with our donation “By donating this fantastic mountain bike as a reward to recognise and encourage excellent attendance and punctuality you will make a massive impact ensuring to encourage the students for the whole term up until Christmas! Thankyou Aquinas Foundation”

Aquinas Foundation will be supporting the Academy every step of the way…