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Wes Morgan Helps Pupils To Reach Goals!

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014


We are delighted to announce that Wes Morgan(Leicester City) will be supporting the Aquinas Foundation on our latest project… this project will be focused around Leicester Schools and will be awarded to pupils who show an improvement in class time and also in extra curricular activities within the school itself.



As a result of Wes Morgan’s performances towards the end of the 2011/12 season, he was awarded with the Leicester City captaincy ahead of the 2012/13 season. His impressive performances early on earned him a nomination for Championship Player of the Month for September. Wes will  helping to run a football coaching session for the children and will take part in a question and answer session for the students and parents. Watch this space for more information on project football 2014…



GB Swimming Project Was A Splashing Success

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Back in September The Aquinas Foundation launched its GB swimming project as an incentive for children in schools both primary and secondary to aim high and to work harder to achieve their goals within the school. The project included 10 schools from Nottinghamshire which took place on fri 31st jan and was a fantastic day proving to be a huge success for all involved.

We wanted this project to focus on aspirations and motivating the children to be the best they can possibly be!

The swimming lesson would be used as a reward for the 2 children who have shown an improvement in the schools chosen area and for the children who have had a significant turnaround showing a clear focus and determination towards a goal.

Both myself and my colleague Ryan from Aquinas paid visits to some of the schools involved to take part in intervention sessions with targeted groups within the school, we have learnt that this has had a very positive affect on the students and has given them a sense of drive and motivation in class.



I would like to thank Sasha Matthews who we are very happy to have on board supporting the Aquinas Foundation and what we stand for. Sasha has been swimming since the age of 7, becoming professional at the age of 13. Amongst many international event successes Sasha is a European junior Gold, silver and bronze medallist and the 2010 commonwealth games Bronze medalist we were very fortunate to have her there to help the children with the lesson.

Thankyou to Jamie Main. Jamie is the GB international coach and has held that title since 2009. He has coached swimmers who competed at the 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 Olympic Games. He is the current Nottingham Swimming Director of Coaching.

It was absolutely fantastic to have both Sasha and Jamie there with Sasha in the pool supporting the children and demonstrating the swimming and Jamie running the session.

One huge success story from our project on Friday was one year 8 student who has been suffering from severe anxiety which has made it almost impossible for them to attend school each day, giving them a very low attendance score. Since the project was launched and myself and Ryan attended the intervention session, the student has improved their attendance and the attendance score has soared to the highest it has been in a long time… this is something that makes us very proud at Aquinas and these are the reasons why we do what we do as a foundation.

School swimming lessons with   a difference: an  Olympic coach

By Nottingham Post  |  Posted:  February 01, 2014

By Marcus Boocock

  • Top tips:   GB coach Jamie Main and GB swimmer Sasha Matthews  with primary school pupils Leo Albert, 8, Paris Burrell, 10, Maizie Smith, 8,  Jack Sanderson, 10, and Leah Allen, 11.
  • Taking plunge:  Sasha Matthews keeps a close eye on the  youngsters’ techniques.

SCHOOLCHILDREN dived in the pool to receive training from  Nottingham swimmer Sasha Matthews and British coach Jamie Main.

They gave an hour’s coaching on basic skills for  youngsters from five primary schools yesterday.

This was followed by an hour-long session for secondary school students, who  were given more challenging training.

The event at the city’s Victoria Leisure Centre was organised by the Aquinas  Foundation, which helps young people realise their potential.

Mr Main, who coached British swimmers at the past three Olympic Games, said  it was vital children learned basic skills.

He said: “We are teaching the primary schoolchildren some basic tips. It is  really important all children have the fundamentals of swimming.

“It is a life-saving skill but they  can also build their  self-confidence in the pool which can benefit them in  other ways as well.”

The foundation was set up in 2012 by former Nottingham Forest footballer  Jermaine Jenas and his friend from Clifton, Craig Anderson.

To date, they have run several football sessions for youngsters as a reward  for them doing well in school.

Yesterday was the first time they had run a session on a different sport.

They hope to broaden it  further with other sports.

Mr Anderson said: “Jermaine and I wanted to do something positive, so we  thought why not give youngsters the chance to have a go at sports.

“Originally, Sasha was coming to the swimming session on her own. It is great  we have got Jamie to agree to come as well.”

The first session yesterday saw two children go from Riverside Primary in The  Meadows, Southwark Primary in Basford, Arnold View Primary, Whitegate Primary in  Clifton and Dunkirk Primary.

Mr Main talked to the  children about different techniques before Miss  Matthews demonstrated it in the water and they had a go themselves.

Leo Albert, eight, of Dunkirk Primary,  said: “I’ve done lots of things like  front crawl. They are really good teachers.”

Paris Burrell, ten, of Southwark Primary, said: “It is really fun. I like  going swimming. It makes it even better to get training off Jamie and  Sasha.”

Whitegate Primary pupil Maizie  Smith, eight, said: “It is a really good  session. They are showing us lots of different things.”

The secondary schools included Carlton le Willows Academy, Holgate Academy in  Hucknall and Becket School in Wilford.


We will be catching up with the individual schools so watch this space for more information and follow up stories!