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Fairfield Primary School

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Fairfield Primary School is one of the school’s that The Aquinas Foundation have been working with to help with any problem areas. In most of the schools that we support one of the main focus points is attendance. The schools are always looking for new interesting ways of giving incentives to the children in order for them to make sure they attend every day. We have given the school an amazing new Bike which was to go to a child who received 100% attendance.

Fairfield primary school Headteacher Emma Stacey had this to say “Aquinas Education have made one little boy very happy. He was so pleased to win it, especially as his little brothers bike had just been stolen, we were so proud to hear him say, ‘Yes!I can now share this with my brother!!’ ”

Well done Fairfield Primary on raising their attendance levels and well done to the lucky winner!

Rosslyn Park Primary Thank Aquinas!

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

The Aquinas Foundation have been working with Rosslyn Park Primary school for the last 3 years and this will be our fourth year supporting them with their attendance projects along with many other projects (reading being one of them) and we are very happy to hear of how much the school has improved with the help from us. we are in the process of organising another cinema trip and a session at jungletastic for the lucky winners this year.

Sam Leggitt Primary consultant and Ryan Miller London Branch Manager with the winners of 2014.

Sam Leggitt Primary consultant and Ryan Miller London Branch Manager with the winners of 2014.


“Working in partnership with the Aquinas Foundation the last 3 years has helped make a big impact in the lives of our children. Recently School Attendance has become a much talked about topic in the media but it is something we here at Rosslyn Park have been working tirelessly to improve; turning our school from the worst attended Primary School in the city into one of the best in just 3 years. Simply put good school attendance improves the quality of learning and provides a consistency in the lives of the most vulnerable children in our community. Without the rewards of the bikes, the kindle and this year the 2 trips for the 100% attenders to go to the cinema and soft play centre for the children to work towards this task would have been even more of a challenge.

photo 4 jungletastic

The prospect of becoming good readers and writers for a job young children can’t imagine having yet is often not enough of a focus to face getting out of bed on a cold morning and walking to school in the sleet and snow, but the idea of a shiny new bike or gaining the highly sort after accolade of the lifelong best attender in year 6 and getting a kindle gives our children something to really try hard to work towards. These are things we simply cannot afford to provide for our children and the help of the Aquinas Foundation in providing the rewards gives our children something to focus on daily when they walk past the bike on display and think ‘it could be me’. Our 100% attenders truly had a wonderful time being treated with their trips out of school, something we wouldn’t have been able to do with them without the kind support from Aquinas. Year on year the number of children achieving 100% for the whole year has increased to a new record high of 66 this year. Rosslyn Park and our children thank Aquinas from the bottom of our hearts for helping us shine and stand out with our attendance.” (Gemma Pearce, Attendance Officer)

Keep up the great work Rosslyn Park Primary School

Arnold View School Nottingham Testimonial…

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Arnold View Primary school are very grateful to the Aquinas Foundation for the donation of two Land Rover Mountain bikes to be used as prizes for attendance through all key stages.

arnold view

‘Here at Arnold View we take attendance scores seriously and with your help we can reward the students who achieve 100% attendance with a great prize worth winning. With improved attendance and motivation students are more likely to reach their full potential within school.

We were also a part of the swimming project which was organized by the Aquinas Foundation where two of our students were selected to attend the Victoria swimming baths in Nottingham city centre for a swimming lesson with the GB Swimming coach along with Sasha Matthews (Swimming Olympic gold, silver and bronze medalist) The Project was focused around good behaviour and motivation in class. The two students who were picked were consistently hard working and showed a real dedication and eagerness towards the project. It was a fantastic day for all involved and the children absolutely loved the lesson.’

‘Thank you Aquinas for your continued support.’

Denise Bryant, Headteacher

Aquinas Continue to support Arnold View school and are thrilled that they have seen a huge improvement in attendance!

Jamaal Lascelles Surprises Dunkirk Primary School

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Aquinas Education took a special guest along to the Dunkirk Primary School presentation Awards ceremony for attendance. The Aquinas Foundation had provided the school with two brand new Land Rover mountain bikes which were pulled out of a hat and awarded to two children who had received 100% attendance throughout the project.

The Aquinas Foundation have been working with Dunkirk Primary on their attendance projects for a while now and have witnessed the success that they have achieved by having incentives for the children. They have been using incentives each year in order to hit attendance targets and keep the children interested throughout each term in coming to school and being on time.

Jamaal Lascelles who currently plays as a defender for Newcastle United but who began his footballing career with Nottingham Forest, progressing through the club’s youth system went along with Aquinas’s primary consultant Sam Leggitt to present the winners with the new bikes.

The Children were buzzing with excitement and the whole day was a success. This was definitely a day to remember for the children and something to work towards for the next attendance project.

Jamaal Lascelles dunkirk primary


Southwark School’s interview with Karl Darlow

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Aquinas Education’s Primary consultants Sam Leggitt and Ben Clark joined forces with Nottingham Forests #1 Goal keeper Karl Darlow to present an interview style question and answer session for the children of Southwark primary school. The students were given the chance to interview Karl Darlow about his training and his time at Forest. This was used to help launch the Attendance Award for the whole year.

Attendance is a very important topic at Southwark. We have seen their attendance scores rise dramatically in the time we have been supporting them with their attendance projects.

karl Darlow Southwark school

Karl was there to tell the children about what would happen if he didn’t turn up for football training, which is something the children could understand and then put into practice in their lives at school. We are very happy that Karl has taken time out of his hectic training schedule to help provide an important lesson for the children at Southwark Primary.





Following is a testimonial from Southwark school’s Principle;

I am writing to inform you of the fantastic support we have received from Aquinas Education this year at Southwark Primary School. We have been working closely with Rosie McLaughlin who has provided some fantastic prizes for our children to support the attendance initiatives we have in school.

We have been able to really increase the profile of attendance and punctuality this year and have introduced a 100% club following the donation of four bikes to the school which will be raffled off at the end of the year. The bikes have got all the children talking about attendance and they are extremely excited to be in with a chance of winning them.

We have also been able to offer our highest attending class a trip to the cinema (a first for Southwark) thanks to Rosie’s hard work. This along with the meal vouchers she has provided have helped to get families just as excited as the children themselves.

Our attendance figures this year are currently up from 95.6% to 95.7%, which doesn’t seem like much but for our school is a great achievement. This has definitely been helped by the support we have received from Aquinas Education and we look forward to working with them more in the future.


Graham Boyd


We are thrilled that Southwark School are improving their attendance and we will continue to think of new innovative ways to keep the children interested in attendance and punctuality. Well done Southwark Primary School.

Henri Lansbury joins Aquinas Education to Launch William Booth School’s Rock and Read…

Monday, June 8th, 2015


Aquinas Education’s Primary consultant Sam Leggitt along with Nottingham Forest’s captain Henri Lansbury attended the William Booth Primary school to launch their Rock and Read project! The Project aims to encourage children to read for at least 10 minutes every night after school. It was fantastic that Lansbury could take time out of his busy training schedule to support the Aquinas Foundation and one of the schools that we work with.

The school is focusing on literacy and reading and realises how important it is for children to read books at home as well as in school. To have someone such as Henri Lansbury visit the school will only be a positive thing for the pupils of William Booth as he is someone in the public eye and an inspiration for most young children in Nottingham.

sam pic2

Sam Leggitt and Henri Lansbury with two pupils taking part in the Rock and Read project.


Aquinas will continue to work on similar projects with the school. We will be interested to find out whether the reading project was a success and hope that we have made an impact with regards to reading books at home!


Firbeck Academy Launch New Attendance reward Scheme.

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

The Aquinas Foundation are supporting The Firbeck Academy with their Attendance project for the 3rd time now, the project has proven to be such a success that with help from us at The Aquinas Foundation, the school have managed to win the title of the Attendance Lord Mayors Award. We are thrilled  that we have played a part in the schools triumph!

Sam Leggitt Primary Consultant presenting Land Rover Mountain Bike.

Sam Leggitt Primary Consultant(Aquinas Education) presenting Land Rover Mountain Bike to the pupils at Firbeck Academy.

We provided the school with a Brand New Mountain Bike and our primary consultant Sam Leggitt worked closely with Debbie Gorstridge(Attendance Officer) at the school to make sure that the bike was displayed in the entrance to the school so that the children would be reminded of what they could win everyday.

The bike played a large part in the attendance assembly and the children showed interest in the top prize and couldn’t believe that they could actually win the bike if they managed to go to school every day.

The Firbeck Academy have seen a dramatic increase in attendance figures since the bike has been in place as a reward…

Congratulations Firbeck Academy.

Southwark Primary Awards Day

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

 The Aquinas Foundation were delighted to attend Southwark Primary Schools attendance awards day. We were very happy  to award the children with some fantastic prizes to encourage attendance and punctuality within the school!

Southwark primary Attendance Awards

Southwark primary Attendance Awards


We provided the school with two small Land Rover Mountain Bikes for the younger age groups and two large mountain bikes for the older students. The Aquinas Foundation also put together some rewards gifts for goody bags awarded to any of the children who had received 100% attendance who didn’t get picked out of the hat to win one of the bigger prizes!

We believe that attendance is very important within schools. We are doing as much as we can to support the schools that we work with to create and reinvent new strategies to improve the levels of attendance and to combat truancy. 100% attendance is a great achievement and we feel that it should be rewarded.

The day was a huge success with the children’s parents watching the children collect their prizes. This is something they should be very proud of, as its mainly down to them to make sure their children attend school every day and are on time. Great Work Southwark!!