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William Booth school hit target for attendance!

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Aquinas Education have been working with William Booth school for a few years now and they have seen an increase in attendance since we have been able to provide the school with incentives for the projects they already have in place.

This year we have provided the school with two bikes to be awarded to the students who receive 100% attendance over the whole year. These bikes have been presented in an attendance assembly and placed on display in the school so that the children are reminded every day of what they can win if they simply turn up and on time every day.

We have also organised a class trip to the Crazy Golf (Corner house Nottingham)… we were there on the day to witness the fun the children had!

crazy golf 3
Tom Buckmaster Transform Trust Attendance officer with the pupils of William Booth at the Crazy Golf trip provided by Aquinas!

crazy golf trip 2

Ben Clarke with pupils from William Booth


Crazy golf trip 1

Ben Clarke(Consultant Aquinas Education) with pupils from William Booth

The School had a reading project in place to encourage the children to start reading more books in school and at home… we thought that we could make this extra special by organising some of the Notts County Players to attend their assembly to reinforce the idea of reading and how important a good education is.

“We planned a launch assembly and in true William Booth style, all staff agreed to dance with their books to Uptown Funk!  We knew the children would be excited by this but wanted to end the assembly with something even more inspiring!  That’s where Henri Lansbury came in!  Henri attended William Booth to promote a love of reading.  Many children are very interested in football and look up to professional footballers seeing them as idols and celebrities.  Having Henri visit our classes and talk to the children about the importance of reading really strengthened our messages.  Henri made links with reading and football and talked about the importance of lots of practice in order to get better.  He also shared a favourite book of his and the year 6 children excitedly got him to sign their books. Thank you Aquinas for organising the visit!”

Claire Wilkinson
Head teacher William Booth

Sam with Henri LAndsbury

Sam Leggitt with Henri Lansbury with the pupils of William Booth

Since our involvement with William Booth school their attendance is really strong, last term they went up another 0.2% towards their target attendance score. Keep up the good work!

Friesland Secondary School increase Attendance with the help of Aquinas Education!

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

The Friesland Secondary school in Nottingham wanted to do something special for the students who received 100% attendance for the winter term.  The Aquinas Foundation provided the school with an ipad as an incentive for the students to keep up the good work! From sept 2014 to Dec 2014 the school achieved 93.9 for their attendance and from Sept 2015 to Dec 2015 when Aquinas were involved in the attendance project the scores went up to 94.9 which shows a definite increase. The National average is 94.8 therefore the school have crept up to just above the National average which is fantastic news!!
This is what the winner of the attendance project had to say;

“Winning the IPad was totally unexpected, I am ecstatic, I have already downloaded an app to help with my astronomy study.  Please thank Aquinas for donating such a great prize.” (Taylor Rye)

friesland ipad winner 2016

Aquinas are thrilled that the school have managed to improve their attendance and we will be helping the school to think of new innovative ways to encourage the students to attend every day of every term!

The Magnus school Newark 15 mile Challenge!

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

The Magnus School in Newark set a massive challenge for all of the students who attend the school! the school will now be taking part in an annual challenge of running 15 miles…

Every PE Lesson the students ran around the school field which equals to 0.5 miles. They needed to run as many laps as they could to try to achieve the 15 mile challenge. However this is a lot to expect off the pupils for one PE lesson so the students were allowed to stay at school between 3 and 4 o’clock to improve on their miles. Students and teachers participated every night(around 100 in total). There were different levels for each achievement 15 miles= Bronze award,30 miles=Silver award, 45 miles= Gold award and 60 miles+ was the Elite award. There were some students who had achieved up to 90 miles which is a fantastic effort and something to be very proud of!

The Aquinas Foundation wanted to help the school to achieve the best possible outcome so held a meeting with Scott Mcneill who is a member of the school’s PE department. The school never manage to arrange a Celebrity icon for the students from the Footballing world, so that is where Aquinas came in. Jermaine Jenas recorded a short video for the children wishing them luck for their 15 mile challenge.

Jermaine along with the Aquinas team attended on the day of the sports awards to present the prizes and to also join the elite group winners to lunch where the pupils had an hour to ask questions and chat to Jermaine!

magnus 4

magnus 5

magnus 2

Jermaine also presented an inspiring speech about the importance of education and to always strive to go the extra mile.

magnus 6

magnus 7 rosie and max(Rosie McLaughlin Aquinas, Jermaine Jenas, Max Pembleton Aquinas)

magnus 3

The Local Primary school also took part in the challenge and this is a picture of some of the pupils who received an award!

A huge well done to everyone involved and The Aquinas Foundation will be looking forward to next years 15 mile challenge where hopefully we will see students beat their personal bests!!!

For any more information or if your school would like support on a project such as this please contact





Rosslyn primary school’s attendance continues to rise with the help of Aquinas

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Sam Leggitt and Ben Clarke from Aquinas Education paid a visit to Rosslyn School to present prizes to the best attendance winners from this term.

This is what Mandy Lau the attendance officer had to say;

“Just wanted to say thank you again for Sam and Ben coming to Rosslyn Park to present the football tickets and bringing another bike! I think your presence has completely motivated them as attendance has improved since Monday!

ben presenting at rosslyn

We at Rosslyn Park would like to say a huge thank you to Aquinas for the contributions you have made towards our schools attendance.

Since your involvement, we have seen a massive boost in overall attendance and year on year our 100% and 99% attenders have increased. We feel that all the incentives you provide the children is definitely a motivator for them to come to school every day!

We are extremely grateful for the generous Jungletastic vouchers, cinema trips, bikes and kindles you have provided us over the years, and more recently the Nottingham Forest box tickets in which the children have been extremely excited about.

Without Aquinas contribution we would not be able to present the children with so many awards and prizes and that means so much to them. It is great to see a local organisation, like Aquinas supporting a local school like Rosslyn Park in thriving to achieve excellent attendance.”

ben at Rosslyn

This is what the Aquinas Foundation strives for, we are happy to support Rosslyn school and have done since they were one of the lowest attended schools in the whole of Nottinghamshire and we have helped them turn their attendance scores full circle. Well done to all of the pupils who have changed their attitude towards education and the importance of being in school every single day.

Reigate attendance project winner!

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Jade Copson(Derby Primary consultant) delivered a great prize to Reigate school for their 100% attendance award. The Aquinas Foundation have been working with the school for a while now and have supported them with their attendance projects and they have seen a rise in their attendance since we have been providing them with incentives.

Jade Reigate 2016

Robin Mitchell(business manager Reigate School), Pein(pupil), Jade Copson(Aquinas Edcuation)
There were a number of pupils who were in with a chance of winning the bike but the lucky student drawn out of the hat was Pein and he was very happy!


Saint John Houghton School

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Saint John Houghton invited Jack Cole(Derby Secondary Consultant) and Max Pembleton(Nottingham secondary Consultant) to the school to assist with their prefect interviews on Tuesday the 26th of January 2016.

saint john houghton 2

The students had prepared an application along with a reference and were prepared to answer a series of questions.

Both Max and Jack were given the jobs of whether they would appoint or not appoint them to represent the school.

The day was a success and Aquinas Education will be supporting the school with any follow up sessions or similar exercises in the future.