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Southwold Primary Street dance class

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

The Aquinas Foundation asked Southwold primary School what they would like as a reward and incentive for the children in regards to attendance. They said that if we could provide a dance workshop that would be amazing,  as they have lots of pupils both girls and boys who really enjoy dancing in their spare time.

So the following is what the Aquinas Foundation provided for them… A Street dance session for the class who received the best attendance for the term.

Southwold dance class 2016 6

“When we have class rewards, it encourages the children to work as part of a team. We are extremely appreciative of any support that can be given for us to offer these rewards to children and want to say a big thank you to Aquinas for their support so far.” Rebecca Stone (Learning Mentor for behaviour and attendance)

Southwold dance class 2016 4

Comments from the Class 3 children

“The street dance session was awesome and brilliant!”

“It was really fun! I loved it when we did the “house” dance”

“Amy and Rosie taught us how to do the moves in a fun way, which we really enjoyed!”

The Aquinas Foundation also provided the school with a brand new mountain bike which they used as an attendance incentive. The lucky winner was 9 year old Ashandro and this is what he had to say about winning;

southwold bike winner 2016

“I felt proud when I won the bike because I had been in school every day. I enjoy riding on it. I have always had good attendance and it is important to me so that I can learn more at school.”

We would like to say a huge well done to Class 3 who won the Street Dance session and also to Ashandro for his fantastic attendance over the year.


Aquinas help School go from 17 to 71 children with 100% attendance in 1 year!!!!

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

“Since Aquinas have been supporting attendance at Southwark Primary we have been able to raise the profile of attendance and punctuality hugely. We have had some amazing prizes and experience days donated which we use as incentives for our children and have a big celebration event at the end of the year to celebrate our children who have achieved.

Past prizes have included bikes, scooters, cinema tickets, meal out vouchers, goodie bags and loads more. Through Aquinas we have been able to take our children to the cinema for private screenings and have had some exciting guests such as footballers to talk about the importance of good attendance in assemblies.

We are looking forward to a VIP football match experience and a trip to the farm later this year and Aquinas always find new ways to support our attendance initiatives.
Since working with Aquinas we have seen a big increase in our yearly attendance percentages and we went from having 17 children achieving 100% attendance to 71 in the first year of working with them.

The staff are really friendly and eager to help in any way they can including visiting school for assemblies or class activities.

Thanks to the generous donations of prizes the parents and children at Southwark get really excited and involved in our attendance and punctuality initiatives and they are always excited when they hear about a new event or competition. Our attendance figures are growing every year and we are looking forward to finding new ways to work with Aquinas to raise them even more!”

Attendance Change Team at Southwark Primary School Nottingham

Aquinas Foundation Visit Rosslyn Park Primary

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

We had a great day this week  when the Aquinas Foundation took a very important visit to Rosslyn Park Primary school, which is one of the schools we have been working with for a while now.

We have been supporting them on attendance projects along with a lot of other areas and have seen a massive improvement at the school!

Rosie and Sam Rosslyn 2016 voucher awards 4

Whilst we were there this week we delivered a brand new football kit for the school football team who are playing in a very important semi final cup match this Thursday evening at the Forest pitch! Good Luck Lads we will be there to cheer them on.

We were invited to the school to help award the children with £10 vouchers, Aquinas Foundation had provided for pupils who had achieved 100% attendance… all of the names were placed in a hat and were fairly drawn out in front of the children! they all waited patiently with their eyes closed and fingers crossed to see if their name was called!

We also took two scooters donated by the Aquinas Foundation for the nursery children who can manage to get to school every day between now and the summer holidays. they all seemed very happy at the idea!

Rosie and Sam Rosslyn 2016 voucher awards

It created a real buzz at the school and the children whether they had won or not were all excited about the possibility of winning again as we told them this would be an ongoing incentive.

Rosie and Sam Rosslyn 2016 voucher awards 5 altered

Well done to all the lucky winners and good look to everyone at the school for the next term where everyone has the same chance of winning again!