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Glenbrook Primary school

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

The Aquinas Foundation joined forces with Glenbrook Primary school to help with their attendance project. We went in to their attendance assembly at the beginning of term to tell the children how we were going to help them and to get them excited about the possibilities of what they could win.

We took in a brand new kindle fire tablet and a family ticket to the Lost City Crazy Golf in the Corner house. We also told the children that there would be another secret prize for pupils with most improved attendance.

The pupils were all very enthusiastic about the chance to win a prize and they all understood that they had an equal chance at winning as long as they made sure to come to school every day!

we returned in the last week of term to award the winners with the fantastic prizes. We provided the school with 10 Victoria Centre vouchers for the 10 children with most improved attendance over the school term.

Glenbrook Kindle winner 2016

We are looking forward to seeing the attendance results to find out how much our incentives helped with the increase in attendance!

Whitegate Primary School Summer Fayre

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

The Aquinas Foundation took a visit to Whitegate Primary school to make a special delivery for their school summer fayre. We donated a big family hamper with gifts, food and beverages for the whole family. We also provided a signed football shirt for the school raffle.

whitegate hamper 2016

We always like to support Whitegate with their fund raising events and their internal projects within the school. We will continue to offer our support this year and look forward to seeing more happy faces at the next event.

whitegate football shirt 2016

Whitemoor Academy

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

The Aquinas Foundation have donated 8 signed footballs for the school to use as prizes at the school’s end of year sports awards.

whitemoor football pic

Pete Bevington (Teacher- Whitemoor Academy)

The School PE department asked us if we could have the footballs signed by Jermaine Jenas(Aquinas Education). The Footballs were delivered to the school before the summer holidays. so we hope the winners enjoyed a summer full of football!

Mckeever Cup 2016

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

The Aquinas Foundation are the proud sponsors of the Mckeever Cup which is held at The Trinity Catholic School Nottingham every year. The School invites other schools in the area to take part in a 5 a side football tournament. Jermaine Jenas along with some of the Aquinas Team attend the event to award the winning teams!

Mckeever Cup 2016

Mckeever cup 2016 group pic

Mckeever cup 2016 awards

The press and local news were there to interview Jermaine and some of the children. It was a great event and the players thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We look forward to next years cup and I’m sure we will see more of these talented players moving on to bigger and better teams in the future!

Clifton Awards 2016

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

The Shining Brightly Awards – the first annual awards ceremony recognising exceptional achievement in the Clifton Area: Sponsored by the Trent Academies Group and The Aquinas Foundation

The Aquinas Foundation spent weeks organising this fantastic event which was to celebrate the excellence shown from pupils in schools in Clifton.

Each head teacher had to fill out a nomination form providing us with names and reasons for nominations of students who excel in Academic work, Performing Arts and Sport.


These were the guidelines the Head teachers had to follow;

Academic Award: This award will be given to the student who stands out as being academically gifted. Someone who endeavours to work hard and achieve targets set.

Performance Award: This award will go to someone who has excelled in drama, dancing or music either in school or at a club or event away from school. Excellence can be shown through enthusiasm as well as or instead of special talent.

Sporting Award: This award will go to the student who has excelled in any sport, either in school, at a club or event away from school. Excellence can be shown through enthusiasm as well as natural ability.


The schools who chose to be involved were;

Blessed Robert Catholic Primary School

Dovecote Primary school

Farnborough Academy

Glapton Primary School

Milford Primary School

Whitegate Primary School

The Primary Schools had to nominate a boy and girl for each catagory from years 5 and 6 and Farnborough Academy nominated pupils from years 7 and 8.


Each child nominated received a medal engraved with The Clifton Awards 2016 and a certificate stating which category they were nominated for and their name.

A winner was then announced, the overall winner received a medal, certificate, engraved trophy and a £20 voucher all provided by The Aquinas Foundation.

The Aquinas Foundation organised for Lilian Greenwood Local MP to be a guest speaker at the event along with Partner of Aquinas Education Jermaine Jenas.


Both Jermaine and Lilian gave enthusiastic and inspiring speeches to the large audience made up of Pupils, teachers, parents and governors. Jermaine talked about his time growing up in Clifton, he talked about the importance of a good education and how anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Lilian spoke about how refreshing it was to see such excellence being celebrated in the Clifton area. She thanked the parents for doing a great job with their children and left us all feeling inspired.

The evening was a great success and the children were very excited to receive their awards from Jermaine and Lilian and this is something that we are hoping to do as an annual event due to its huge success! Well done to all of the winners and nominees.


Brocklewood Primary have a special delivery…

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

As a way of celebrating such a fantastic attendance score Brocklewood Primary school asked the Aquinas Foundation if we could come up with something fun for the class winners.

dominos pizza

We decided as a special treat we would order the class a Dominos Pizza Delivery! This was delivered to school for them to enjoy in their classroom, which immediately caused a stir in school… “all of the other pupils were asking about it” this is a great way of pushing the other children to have better attendance as they can see that it pays off to be in school every day.

We are always trying to think of new and innovative ways of rewarding the children in school in order to keep them interested and on target! Well done Brocklewood winners!