Dunkirk Primary Attendance Prize

The Aquinas Foundation had been working closely with Dunkirk Primary school in the Winter term on their attendance project. Attendance was one of their weaker areas and so we looked at different incentives and ideas that could help raise the attendance levels and these have worked tremendously!

At the end of term assembly the winner of the attendance prize was presented with a brand new bike donated by The Aquinas Foundation.

IMG_0141 (002)

Well Done!!

For all the other pupils who achieved full or improved attendance in the term may have missed out on the bike but not to worry, Aquinas Foundation will be providing doughnuts for them to have a party. A bike and doughnuts will be provided each term to support Dunkirk with their attendance project and to keep up the fantastic results!

if you would like help with a project in your school for any problem areas please do not hesitate to contact Nicola on 0115 9244788 or nicola@aquinaseducation.co.uk

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