Mansfield Town Football Players Visit Sneinton C of E Primary

The Aquinas Foundation were asked to help with Sneinton CofE Primary Schools Reading week. We wanted to make sure that we could assist the school with their very important message, that it is cool to be able to read! the school have been working hard to promote reading and we though we could help them reaffirm the message by having two extra cool Footballers to help us.

We asked our Aquinas Friends from Mansfield Town Football Club 1st team if they would be able to come along to the assembly to present some of the reading awards to the children and to take part in a question and answer session. Jamie McGuire and CJ Hamilton were fantastic guests and the school were very happy to have them there to show that it is in fact cool and important to be able to read!

sneinton c of e jamie and cj 2

“The idea is for a child or two from each class to share with the rest of the school some art work or a part of the story they are reading as a class. We are hoping to get the rest of the school excited about reading a new story or book. For example I know Year 1 are reading The Gingerbread Man, Year 2 are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Each class would only spend a few minutes sharing this.

sneinton c of e jamie and cj

If our guests were able to remember their favourite childhood story that would be great or a book or a story they remember reading that would be brilliant. The idea is for our children to see that reading is important as you are growing up and that it is ‘cool’ that footballers thinking reading at school is important. If they were able to mention that coming to school every day ready to learn is vital that would also help us with our attendance message.” (Julie Doyle Head of Reading initiative)

The Children were fantastic at reading the extracts they had chosen! we were very impressed. Well done to all of the pupils and teachers involved.

sneinton c of e jamie and cj 4

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