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The Bramcote School Top 50 with a little help from Aquinas!

Monday, November 25th, 2013

The Aquinas Foundation paid a very important visit to The Bramcote school last week as part of the schools Top 50 programme. The school has a great structure in place for attendance and truancy and we were there to support the school with their Top 50 Assembly. The year Group leader presented the assembly whilst the children watched the big screen with anticipation as the Top 50 students were announced! Aquinas Foundation provided the school with two brand new Land Rover bikes which will be mounted in the school hall as a reminder to the children of what they could win if they reach their targeted attendance scores. Attendance is such an important area for children in schools as the more time they have off school the longer it takes them to catch up in class which in turn can make the pupil want to have more time off… The Bramcote school are taking attendance scores seriously and with our help can reward the students who achieve 100% attendance with a prize worth winning.








Rosie Mclaughlin(Aquinas Foundation Event Co-ordinator)


“The 2 mountain bikes donated by Acquinas Foundation have been gratefully received by both staff and students at The Bramcote School.  The bikes will be used as an encouragement to raise attendance.  Students with 100% attendance from 11/11/13 – 4/4/14 will be entered into two prize draws.  One for key stage 3 and one for key stage 4. The launch of this initiative during assembly created a real buzz and lots of positive feedback from students within both key stages.  Several students have been asking many questions about the bikes which are displayed in our reception area to ensure students continue to be encouraged and inspired by such amazing prizes. The Bramcote School are very grateful to Rosie McLaughlin and Craig Anderson (Aquinas) for such generosity.  With improved attendance and motivation students are more likely to reach the potential. Thank you once again Aquinas for supporting our school.” Rosie Bosley(Attendance officer)

Aquinas Foundation will be supporting The Bramcote school every step of the way… Good Luck Bramcote!




Happy Faces at Ashover Primary

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Friday was a very good day for Aquinas Foundation. We paid a visit to Ashover Primary school in Derbyshire and presented the weekly assembly. The children were all very excited as we wheeled the new Land Rover Bike into the hall, informing them that the bike was a prize that they all had a chance of winning, just by having 100% attendance for one term.




Rosie McLaughlin(Events Coordinator), Peter Hallsworth(Head Teacher Ashover), Ben Hallsworth(Pupil)





“I think that this is a fantastic project which will encourage pupils to go for 100% attendance. I already have children who have told me that they are going to try their best to go for the mountain bike. This can only be a good thing for the children and their learning.”(Peter Hallsworth)

Aquinas Foundation will be supporting Ashover Primary school every step of the way…