Whitegate Primary Attendance Project winner!

whitegate 100% bike 2016 2

Whitegate Primary School in Clifton is another school that we work closely with in regards to projects and helping the school in any way to achieve their targets.

Attendance seems to be a constant area of focus for most of the schools that we work with and we are always striving to achieve better for the school and come up with new ways to keep both the pupils and parents connected with school in a positive way.

We have been providing Whitegate with mountain bikes for a few years now as an incentive for the children.  The way the project works is, if a child receives 100% for a whole term then their name gets placed in a hat… if they then receive 100% for the following two terms then they will have their name in the hat three times. This gives all of the children a chance to have their name in the hat, as some children may have a doctors appointment or dentist etc they will still have the same opportunity for the following terms.

We have seen a clear rise in attendance and we were their to witness the winner being drawn.

whitegate bike 2016

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