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Chasing the Rainbow

The main driving force behind The Aquinas Foundation is to see young people reach their full potential, this is where our mission statement 'Chasing the Rainbow' comes into play. We want to have as big an influence as possible to help these pupils to aspire to achieve such goals. Chasing the Rainbow represents working hard, being focused, respecting other people and having drive to be the best they can be.

The Aquinas foundation will its celebrity supporters, Video Wall and its numerous programmes to help as many young people as possible to chase their rainbow and reach their goals. Our Blog page will also celebrate the success stories of some of the young people who we, in conjunction with the school, feel stand out from the crowd and go that extra mile to achieve their goals. There will also be rewards for such individuals to show them how proud we are of their achievements.

So watch this space...


Liam Biedz was delighted when he realised he had won a brand new Land Rover mountain bike due to his fantastic attendance and punctuality. He said that "seeing the bike on display at the school really made me want to go to school more" we are very happy that the bike was put to such a great use and that Liam has been rewarded for his hard work. This is also a fantastic opportunity for all of the other children to see that hard work pays off! Well Done Liam.


Oliver Barnes is the proud new owner of this Land Rover mountain bike. Oliver has been selected to win the bike due to his brilliant attendance record and outstanding punctuality. His attitude towards school was a delight to witness and he was very grateful to the Aquinas Foundation for his reward "I'm very happy", As are we at the foundation to see the bikes going to such good use. Well Done Oliver.