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Our Programme

The Aquinas Foundation has a variety of programmes available to schools to help tackle areas of concern such as truancy/punctuality and youth crime. These programmes range from sporting initiatives, cooking with Michelin star chefs, Art and Drama workshops and so on. We are constantly increasing our range of options to cater for the interests of the pupils involved. For more information on what we can deliver, go to our 'blog page'.

      The Aquinas Foundation uses these various programmes to achieve the following:

There are many other ways in which we aim to have a positive impact on the lives of pupils. Above are the main areas we hope to focus on initially. The long term aim will be to help during school holidays, striving to make sure that as many children as possible have access to a good diet and stimulating activities. Aquinas are also putting programmes in place to help school leavers find employment, which will hopefully include apprenticeships and long term employment within our company. This would be one of the goals for the Foundation. To see our efforts rewarded and watch the next generation of children receive help from students who have been through similar life experiences is our ultimate aim.