aquinas foundation - helping young people realise their potential

What we do

The Aquinas Foundation was set up to target Nottingham schools in the first instance, expanding into other areas with time. We aim to help lower truancy and raise attainment within schools by helping tackle the associated problems which stem from these issues such as crime and illiteracy.

 Nottingham has a notoriously bad reputation and the Aquinas Foundation is determined to have a positive impact in changing this; by targeting the root of the problem at an early age in (primary schools), tackling the actual problem  in(secondary schools) and making these young people mini-ambassadors for us and finally helping those students who seem unreachable. We hope to work in the area of alternative education to make young people who may have been alienated feel they can play a good part in society. We will be working in these 3 areas of focus, providing projects and schemes to improve on the various issues mentioned above. This can range from sporting initiatives, Michelin star chefs providing cooking lessons, award winning actors leading workshops and other schemes using arts and crafts all aimed at raising levels of aspiration for the young people involved.

We already have pilot schemes within schools using sport to tackle youth crime and truancy. Our long term plan is to extend to school holiday projects to keep children and young people educated, involved and also fed - which is becoming a huge problem for children who receive free school meals throughout term time. We aim to do this by creating opportunities for these children throughout the school holidays which in turn will keep this increasing problem to a minimum.

We are very fortunate to have sporting and celebrity role models helping us with these programmes.  These range from professional footballers, for example Jermaine Jenas, (Queens Park Rangers and England international) to award winning Michelin chefs and celebrated actors and musicians. You will be able to see many of our supporters via the video wall on  the 'Our Stars' page.